Meeting Bob on His Way Home From Work

Shortly after 3:00 pm I decided to ride my bicycle to meet Bob on his way home from work.  I need to get some bicycle miles under my belt before we begin long trail rides.  I rode from my house to Morck Park, via the Warren to North Warren Bike Trail. 

Morck Park

I wasn’t at Morck Park for too long before Bob showed up.  He didn’t know I would be there and started pedaling past me, before I called his name.  It is a little over a 2-mile round trip from home to Morck Park and back.


Meeting Bob on His Way Home From Work

I went for a bicycle ride this afternoon.  I rode the Warren to North Warren Bike Trail to Morck Park and back home.  I waited in a sunny spot for Bob along the trail, until he arrived on his way home from work.  

This is my favorite spot along the Warren to North Warren Bike Trail. The view across Conewango Creek is picturesque, regardless of the season.
Me, waiting for Bob to come home from work … waiting in a sunny spot.
My bicycle and Bob’s new bicycle

We rode home together.

New Bicycles

We didn’t get much use out of the trailer hitch bike carrier that we purchased in late August 2016, as we traded in the Nissan Xterra for a Subaru Legacy in March 2017.    Less than a month later we became interested in folding bicycles, as our new car had no mechanism for hauling bicycles.

Bob ordered a folding bicycle from Walmart on April 5th.  The bicycle arrived on April 11th.  We went for a ride on the Warren to North Warren Bike Trail, which we can access easily from our neighborhood.

Bob has a new bicycle, a 20-inch FOLDING bicycle.

I took the folding bicycle for a test ride as well.  We both liked the feel of the new bicycle.

We picked up my folding bicycle at Walmart today.

Bob and I now both have folding bicycles.  We need to plan a day trip to make use of our new bicycles.

Crazy Weather

What crazy weather we are having here in Northwestern Pennsylvania!  Bob and I went for a bicycle ride this afternoon.

We rode to Pioneer Arboretum, located along the Warren to North Warren Bike Trail approximately 1.5 miles from our house.

Today is January 21st.  The temperature was just shy of 60 degrees, when we left on our bicycle ride.  How nice it is to have Springlike weather in the middle of Winter!

New Handlebar Basket

This is the first time that I have been able to ride my bicycle since Sunday’s ride around Presque Isle.

Apparently I overdid Sunday’s bicycle ride.  About 4 hours after coming home from Presque Isle, a muscle spasm in my left inner thigh hit me hard, as I began to stand up from a sitting position.  I felt good when bicycling Sunday and afterward, while on our way home.  The bicycle trail was flat for the most part.  It was a low-impact, not a strenuous, ride.  We made a few rest stops during our ride.  I drank plenty of water before, during and after bicycling.  I don’t feel I lack potassium.  A banana is a frequent snack.

Why do I get these “muscle spasms”?  I want to be active.  My body seems to want something different.  This muscle spasm was the second one I had in a week’s time.  The first one was in my left inner thigh, after walking almost 15,000 steps.  The spasm, then, happened about 4 hours after coming home too.  I was sleeping, when that spasm hit. 

After a muscle spasms, it takes several days before I am able to relax (to not fear another muscle spasm will hit) and get back to my “normal”.

It feels good to ride again, with less pain.

I wanted to show you my new bicycle accessory.

New Handlebar Basket

I can carry my camera with me now.