An Afternoon Bicycle Ride at Chapman State Park

Yesterday afternoon, after Bob came home from work, we rode our bicycles around Chapman Lake at Chapman State Park.  The park is about 10 miles from our house, near the borough of Clarendon PA.

Red highlight marks the trail that we rode.

A larger sized map may be obtained here.

The trail around Chapman Lake was one of the more challenging short trails that we have ridden.  The ride wasn’t difficult, just challenging.  The challenge was due to trail surface variations from dirt to crossing a swinging bridge to grass to mud (Bob got stuck) to gravel (some loose).  There was some paved road as well.  The challenge on that road was a hill climb.  I certainly enjoyed flying down, after cresting the hill!  

Bob walked our bicycles across the swinging bridge.
View from Swinging Bridge
We ate a picnic lunch alongside Chapman Lake.
Bob took this picture of me at our picnic spot.
Chapman Lake

Autumn colors are starting to show!

Looking across Chapman Lake
Bob is looking at Chapman Dam.
Fishing Platform on Chapman Lake
My favorite tree at Chapman State Park
The sun was hitting my favorite tree from the side facing Chapman Lake.
Colorful Autumn Leaves

Here is a video of our ride that Bob shot with our GoPro7.

Ride Statistics: 

• Bicycle Miles Ridden – 2.53 miles

• Total Moving Time – 29 minutes 5 seconds

• Maximum Speed – 21.3 MPH

• Average Speed – 5.2 MPH