Two Bicycle Trails – Part 1: East Branch Trail in Spartansburg, PA

We went for a bicycle ride this morning.

Bob attached our bicycle carrier to the car.

We departed home at 8:02 am and arrived in Spartansburg about an hour later.  We parked in the Dutch Treat parking lot.  We rode the 3.1 mile East Branch Trail, which means we bicycled 6.2 miles. 

Signage at the East Branch Trail
The trail is wide.  There is room for walkers, bicyclists, in-line skaters, and people in wheelchairs. Horses, specifically horses pulling Amish buggies to and from markets in Spartansburg, use the adjacent 8-foot gravel path.
An Amish homestead
East Branch Trail
Bob rode up the hill; I didn’t.

The deer flies were bad.  As a result, I don’t know if we will ride this trail again.

Upon our return, while Bob placed the bicycles on the carrier, I took a few pictures around Clear Lake. 

Clear Lake Flower Garden
Clear Lake Footbridge
Clear Lake (view from footbridge)
Platt’s Mill and Dam
Two Amish women and an English woman had tables set up at the edge of the parking lot.

The Amish women were selling baked goods.  The English woman was selling soaps, cheeses and, I think, honey.  We bought baked goods from the Amish women–a dozen molasses cookies for $3.50 and two peanut butter filled donuts for $2.50.  We ate the donuts and saved the cookies for later.

We departed Spartansburg around 10:30 am and returned home about an hour later.

Our bicycle ride in Spartansburg was the first of two rides that we did today.  My next blog post will be about our second ride of the day.