Moraine State Park Bike Trail

This past Sunday, October 13th, we rode the Moraine State Park Bike Trail along the northern shore of Lake Arthur. 

Moraine State Park is a Pennsylvania state park.  It is located near the crossroads of I-79 and I-80 in Butler County.  The park’s main feature is its man-made lake, Lake Arthur.

Our origin point for our bicycle ride was off North Shore Drive, at the bike rental place.  Our end point was at the Moraine Outdoor Center. 

Moraine State Park Bike Trail is asphalt paved in very good condition.  It is an in and out, not loop, trail.  The trail passes picnic areas, several parking lots, and restrooms.  There are a few hill climbs.  For the most part, though, the trail consists of gently rolling hills and several bends (some tight).  We rode through both tree shaded and open sections and enjoyed the lake views along the way.

This is a video that Bob took with our GoPro7 camera during our bicycle ride.

I took several still images, while bicycling the trail.

We began our bicycle ride at the bike shop off North Shore Drive. Note that Bob is putting on gloves. It was a chilly start to our ride!!
The trail goes through tree shaded sections that showed off some of its autumn color.
From the Moraine Outdoor Center we could see the Davis Hollow Marina.
Davis Hollow Marina
Moraine Outdoor Center Observation Platform provides an excellent view of Lake Arthur.
Moraine Outdoor Center Observation Platform provides an excellent view of Lake Arthur.
at Moraine Outdoor Center
At the Moraine Outdoor Center we enjoyed a light snack, while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

It appears that the Outdoor Center itself offered food and beverages at one time.  We met a woman on the grounds, who said that the building has been closed for some time.

We are on our way back to our origin point. I stopped to photograph more of the tree shaded portion of the trail.
This is one of several lake views.
See the body of water on the left of the trail? I was at the top of one of the hills, when I took this picture.
Sailboat on Lake Arthur
Another view of Lake Arthur

In the GoPro video that I shared earlier, Bob captured me climbing up the hill that I hiked down to take this picture (and the next).

Bob at top of hill taking video
Bob captured GoPro video of me taking a picture of these leaves.
We saw these four people at the start of our ride and, again, on our way back.
One of the women in the previous photograph took this picture of Bob and me with our bicycles.
This was one of the open sections of the trail.

Ride Statistics:

• Bicycle Miles Ridden – 15.2 miles

• Total Moving Time – 2 hours 7 minutes 31 seconds

• Maximum Speed – 19.8 MPH

• Average Speed – 7.1 MPH