Knox-Kane Rail Trail: Mt. Jewett to Kinzua Bridge State Park

This past Saturday, June 13th, Bob and I went for a bicycle ride on the Knox-Kane Rail Trail.  We began our ride in Mount Jewett, at the Center Street trailhead, and bicycled the 3.8 miles to Kinzua Bridge State Park.  

This is a video that Bob took with our GoPro7 camera during our bicycle ride.

I took several still images, while bicycling the trail.

Mt. Jewett Trailhead
The crushed-stone trail runs through a largely forested corridor.
There are two covered pavilions with a picnic table along the trail.
The Knox-Kane Rail Trail ends at Kinzua Bridge State Park.

Bathroom facilities, a food truck and picnic tables were available at Kinzua Bridge State Park.

Shortly before we left the park to begin our ride back to Mt. Jewett, we watched an airplane fly around and over the Kinzua Bridge.

See the airplane! How cool it was to see the airplane fly over the bridge!
The airplane flew right over us!
Kinzua Bridge State Park trailhead
We ate a light lunch at the first pavilion we came to on our way back to the Mt. Jewett trailhead.
We spotted this tree house on our way back to Mt. Jewett. We didn’t see the tree house on our way to Kinzua Bridge State Park.
This map was located at the Kinzua Bridge State Park trailhead.

The Knox-Kane Rail Trail, when completed, will stretch 73.8 miles between Kinzua Bridge State Park and Clarion.  There are additional  completed sections of the trail that we hope to ride one day.