Allegheny River Trail: Foxburg to Parker

On Monday, May 25th, we went for a bicycle ride on a portion of the Allegheny River Trail. 

The Allegheny River Trail is 30 miles in length.  The trail runs on asphalt between Franklin and Emlenton for 27.5 miles and on an isolated section between Foxburg and Parker for 2.5 miles. It meets the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail in Franklin, crosses beneath the Sandy Creek Trail in East Sandy, and passes through two old railroad tunnels. 

We completed the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail in August 2018. 

We have yet to ride the Sandy Creek Trail. 

As for the Allegheny River Trail, we are riding that trail in segments.  In early May 2019, we completed our first segment — Emlenton to Rockland (6 miles).  In mid-August 2019 we completed our second segment — Franklin to Belmar (5.1 miles).  In September 2019 we completed our third segment — Rockland to Kennerdell (6 miles).  We completed our fourth segment — Belmar to Kennerdell (10.4 miles) in October 2019.  We completed our fifth segment — Foxburg to Parker — on Monday’s ride (2.5 miles).

We parked at Foxburg and rode south to Parker.  We turned around at Parker and rode north, back to the parking lot in Foxburg.

This is a video that Bob took with our GoPro7 camera during our bicycle ride.

I took several still images, while bicycling the trail.  All pictures are from the ride back to Foxburg from Parker.

Parker Bridge
The trailhead at Parker
There are a few benches located along the trail.
Allegheny River Overlook

According to a sign, the overlook is dedicated in honor of Fred McIlhattan for a lifetime of public service and his support of this trail.

The view at the Allegheny River Overlook
We planned to stop at the picnic table here to eat lunch. The picnic table, though, was not in great shape. Also, the location lacked shade.
We crossed over what used to be a train bridge. The Clarion River flows into the Allegheny River under this bridge.
We saw several padlocks on the chain fence, as we crossed the railroad bridge.
We saw several kayaks on the Clarion River.
Looking back at the railroad bridge; Allegheny River on the right.

We saw a small waterfall, along the trail, as we neared Foxburg.  Click here for a short video of the waterfall.

Ride Statistics:

• Bicycle Miles Ridden – 5.5 miles

• Total Moving Time – 1 hour 4 minutes

• Maximum Speed – 8.5 MPH

• Average Speed – 5.1 MPH

We can now add Allegheny River Trail to our list of bicycle trails completed.