Allegany State Park Bicycle Ride

Yesterday we went on our first bicycle ride this year outside of Warren.  We transported our bicycles to the Quaker Run area of Allegany State Park.

We met our friend Liz at the Quaker General Store.  The three of us rode the new Quaker Run Multi-Use Trail (3.2 miles round trip). We didn’t realize that the trail from the Quaker General Store to the Taft Cabin was a slight uphill climb, until we turned around and began our ride back to the Quaker Store.  We coasted most of the way back to the Quaker Store.

The new Quaker Run Multi-Use Trail is being built in two phases.  We rode on Phase 1 of the trail.  The second phase of the trail has begun and will run from the Quaker General Store to the Quaker Lake Beach.  When completed, the trail will run over 5 miles.  We are looking forward to the completion of this trail!

When we finished bicycling the Quaker Run Multi-Use Trail, we transported our bicycles to the Red House area and bicycled around Red House Lake (a 3-mile loop).  This trail was somewhat more strenuous, as there were definite hills to ride (or walk) up.  Borrowing the words from a friend “I was feeling my winter inactivity by the time we got done.”  (Thank you for the suitable choice of words, Jim R.)

Total bicycle miles ridden: 6.27 miles.

This is a video that Bob took with our GoPro7 camera during our bicycle ride.

Bicycling Allegany State Park

It was nice to see Liz again.  It had been more than 15 years since we saw each other.  We have seen Larry (Liz’s husband), though.  Larry sells automobiles.  We have purchased two cars from him.  We hope that both Larry and Liz can join us on a bicycle ride in the near future.

Allegany State Park Bicycle Ride

Leaving Hollyloft Ski & Bike, we drove to Allegany State Park near Salamanca NY. We entered the park via the Quaker Lake entrance. Our first stop was at the Quaker General Store, where we ate a light dinner. Bob had a BLT wrap; my dinner was a hot dog.

Our bicycles at the Quaker General Store


After dinner we drove to the Red House Lake Beach parking lot.

My new bicycle! New helmet too.


We rode around Red House Lake (a distance of approximately 3 miles).

Red House Lake


Fishing Pier at Red House Lake


Red House Lake


If I have to sit on the ground, I am glad for the scenic view.


I believe the temperature, which was in the mid to upper 80s, the hot sunshine, and what I wore to ride caused me to be grounded a couple times during our ride. I wore jeans and a t-shirt.  I believe I got overheated.  I felt weak, faint.  I was  breathing heavier than normal, finding it difficult to catch my breath. My chest hurt too, although that may have been caused by indigestion.

This wasn’t the best ride, but I do really LOVE my new bicycle!


Two Bicycle Trails – Part 2: Red House Lake Trail in Allegany State Park

This morning we went for a bicycle ride in Spartansburg, PA.  We returned home from that ride around 11:30 am.

At 3:15 pm we left home and drove to Allegany State Park.  We went for a bicycle ride around Red House Lake. 

Red House Lake

This bridge crosses over the Red House Dam.

Thomas L. Kelly Covered Bridge

We rode for approximately 3.5 miles.  We were on our way out of the park around 5:15 pm.

All total I bicycled almost 10 miles today.  I sure had a workout.

Allegany State Park Bicycle Ride

We wanted to go to Allegany State Park this morning to ride our bicycles.  Rain postponed our trip until this afternoon.

We left home, en route Allegany State Park at 1:20 pm.   This is our first trip, with our new bicycle carrier.  The roads had dried off in places, damp in others.  It was an overcast and cool day.  The temperature hovered around the 60 degree mark.  The rain stayed away, for the most part.  A few sprinkles fell, while driving through Scandia.  A few sprinkles (and drizzle for a short time) fell, as we began our ride at the park.

We entered the park via the Red House Area entrance, off Interstate 86.  We parked at the Red House marshland and followed a portion of the Red House Lake bicycle trail back to where we entered the park in the car.   

Red House Marshland Parking

This is one of the starting points for the Red House Lake bicycle trail.

The portion of the trail that we rode was 1.5 miles each way and contained both hilly and level parts.  I walked and rode.  We saw a deer on the trail (wish I had gotten a picture) and baby groundhogs and one parent.  We saw the groundhogs during our return trip. 

Three Baby Groundhogs

We didn’t see the deer again, until we were exiting the park (no picture again).

We departed Allegany State Park around 3:30 pm.  It felt so good to be riding again.

P.S.  We sold both folding bicycles around 5:30 pm this afternoon.  We got our asking price, $100.00 each.

Bicycle Ride at Allegany State Park

We went to Allegany State Park yesterday for a bicycle ride. It was our first time riding bicycles in the park, as well as the first time transporting our new folding bicycles to a ride destination.  Both bicycles fit nicely in our back seat.

Allegany State Park is divided into two areas: the Red House Area and the Quaker Run Area. We entered the park via the Quaker Run Area entrance and made our way to the Red House Area. Our ride destination was the Red House Area, where there are 5 miles of paved hike/bike paths.

We rode our bicycles around Red House Lake, a loop trail of 3 miles. Our starting point was at the Red House Boat Rental parking lot. We rode clockwise around the lake.  The bicycle trail was very nice, paved throughout. We rode level with the lake, below the lake (at creek level) and high above the lake. I both rode and walked my bicycle on the trail. Eventually I hope that I am able to ride all the way around the lake.

Red House Lake Bicycle Trail

Across the lake is a bridge.  This is the Red House Lake Dam bridge.  We won’t cross over that bridge.  Instead the bicycle trail takes you below the Red House Lake Dam, across a wooden bridge and back up the other side. On our way to the Red House Lake Dam we passed by the Red House Administration building.

We stopped briefly at the stone fishing pier,
located in a picnic area near the Red House Administration building.

Passing by the Red House Administration building

As I mentioned earlier, the bicycle trail takes you below the Red House Lake dam and across a wooden bridge.  The descent below the Red House Lake dam is steep.  It is recommended that you walk your bicycle down the trail.  We rode our bicycles.  I used the brake often!

Bob took this picture of me on the wooden bridge.

Wooden Bridge at Red Lake House Dam Spillway

Across from this bridge is the new Red House Nature Boardwalk, which we visited for a short while.

Reflective Boardwalk

A bird blind was at the end of the reflective boardwalk.

Red House Nature Boardwalk

There is a large observation platform
at the end of the long boardwalk shown in the preceding photograph.

View from Red House Nature Boardwalk
The marshland is beginning to get its Spring colors!

Leaving the Red House Nature Boardwalk we began our ascent to the other side of the Red House Lake dam.

The ascent was a bit steep.
I had to walk my bicycle on this part of the trail.

Spring tree blossoms are so pretty!

The bicycle trail took us high above Red House Lake.
Again, I had to walk my bicycle on a portion of this part of the bicycle trail.

A short distance from this point the bicycle trail went through a forested area and down a steep slope.  There was a sign that suggested walking bicycles down the hill.  It didn’t look that steep, though, so we rode our bicycles down the hill.  At the bottom of the hill the bicycle trail crosses over ASP 2.  It isn’t easy to stop at the end of the hill.  I should have respected the “walk your bicycle” sign in this instance.  Thankfully, I was able to stop (barely), and there wasn’t any traffic on ASP 2!

After crossing over ASP 2 we quickly arrived at the Thomas L. Kelly Covered Bridge.

Bob took this picture of me at the Thomas L. Kelly Covered Bridge.

From the covered bridge, we returned to our starting point.  We found a lovely site for a picnic.

What a beautiful spot for a picnic!

After lunch we left Allegany State Park.  Rather than go straight home, we decided to go to Marilla Reservoir (Bradford, PA) — the subject of my next blog post.