Samuel Justus Recreation Trail

This afternoon we went for a bicycle ride on the Samuel Justus Recreational Trail. 

Samuel Justus Recreational Trail

We rode the portion of the trail that runs between the Franklin and Oil City trailheads.  We began our ride at the Salt Box Visitor Center, located at the Franklin Trailhead.  We ended our ride at the water treatment facility, located at the Oil City trailhead.  Total distance between the two trailheads is 5.3 miles.  

Franklin Trailhead

There is a seamless transition to the Allegheny River Trail from the Franklin trailhead.  The Allegheny River trail extends from the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail in Franklin south to Emlenton. Farther south, a disconnected segment of the trail stretches 3 miles between Foxburg and Parker.  The total length of this trail is 32 miles, but there are several jumping on locations along the trail, which means you can ride this trail in segments.  We hope to ride the Allegheny River Trail some day, most probably in segments.

There are picturesque views of the Allegheny River all along the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail.
There are benches along the trail that invite you to sit and soak in the picturesque view.
Joseph Sibley’s River Ridge

The stone gate for River Ridge Farm was built in 1913 for Joseph C. Sibley, who made his money in the oil refining and animal breeding businesses. He later became a five-term congressman, first as a Democrat and then as a Republican.

Joseph Sibley’s Mansion
Oil City Trailhead

The Samuel Justus Recreational Trail does continue into Oil City, ending at the Oil City Marina. We turned around at the Oil City Trailhead and returned to Franklin.

Bob had an epiphany today.  Motorcycle riding doesn’t hold the interest to him as it has in the past.  He is enjoying riding a bicycle much more.  The pace is slower, and the health benefits are great.  I am enjoying bicycle riding for the same reasons, plus I get to participate in the activity rather than just be a passenger.