Kinzua Valley Trail

We went on a bicycle ride the morning of Saturday, August 31st, on the Kinzua Valley TrailBe sure to click on the link given here for a trail description and map.

We parked at the eastern trailhead in Westline, and rode as far as Forest Road.  We did not ride to the Red Bridge Bank Fishing Area that was mentioned in the trail description. 

There is a nice picnic area located at the Westline trailhead.
Note the unique BBQ Grill
A piece of history can be found at the Westline trailhead. The Kinzua Valley Trail follows the route of the former Kinzua and Hemlock Railroad (later Valley Railroad).
We crossed over Thundershower Run on this bridge.
Thundershower Run flows into Kinzua Creek

This was one of a few runs that flowed into Kinzua Creek.

A resting place along Kinzua Valley Trail
Kinzua Creek
Kinzua Valley Trail
A camp along Kinzua Valley Trail
Kinzua Valley Trail
Kinzua Valley Trail
Another camp located along the Kinzua Valley Trail
Kinzua Valley Trail
The trees along the trail here created a tunnel-like appearance.

We rode 5.5 miles each way.  This trail was a bit challenging for me, as there were frequent slight inclines.  The crushed-stone path was more challenging for me too.