Allegany State Park Bicycle Ride

We wanted to go to Allegany State Park this morning to ride our bicycles.  Rain postponed our trip until this afternoon.

We left home, en route Allegany State Park at 1:20 pm.   This is our first trip, with our new bicycle carrier.  The roads had dried off in places, damp in others.  It was an overcast and cool day.  The temperature hovered around the 60 degree mark.  The rain stayed away, for the most part.  A few sprinkles fell, while driving through Scandia.  A few sprinkles (and drizzle for a short time) fell, as we began our ride at the park.

We entered the park via the Red House Area entrance, off Interstate 86.  We parked at the Red House marshland and followed a portion of the Red House Lake bicycle trail back to where we entered the park in the car.   

Red House Marshland Parking
This is one of the starting points for the Red House Lake bicycle trail.

The portion of the trail that we rode was 1.5 miles each way and contained both hilly and level parts.  I walked and rode.  We saw a deer on the trail (wish I had gotten a picture) and baby groundhogs and one parent.  We saw the groundhogs during our return trip. 

Three Baby Groundhogs

We didn’t see the deer again, until we were exiting the park (no picture again).

We departed Allegany State Park around 3:30 pm.  It felt so good to be riding again.

P.S.  We sold both folding bicycles around 5:30 pm this afternoon.  We got our asking price, $100.00 each.

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